Delightfully Disturbing


The stupidity of Danes

Deforestation to promote wind-energy. What a great idea! I mea-… wait, WHAT?! 

Oh dear. Why must I face such stupidity?!

Sometimes I honestly don’t know what to to do except maybe smash my head into the poor table. (It has received some harsh treatment througout the years because of this)

Well, here’s the thing: 

Denmark really wants to be (and is) in front when it comes to alternative energy, especially wind power. Which is great.
But now it has been decided that we need to build a gigantic testing-site in the middle of an old and cherished forest. And against the will of the people living in the area. And before it’s even been comfirmed whether or not it’s legal!

To top things off, the thing isn’t even going to be helping the local or national economy, it’s all damn multinational firms.

Don’t we just love it?!

No, but honestly. There’s a lot of debate already, as to whether wind power is actually CO2 efficient, what with the production and transportation of the mills etc.  But to ruin a unique forest-area (which aside from accomodating unique animals and flora also “takes in” CO2) to build a testside for windpower is just… too ironic.

It showcases what happens when good initiatives and ideas become a part of the market so it ends up being about earning money and not the original noble motive.

Much the same can be said about the medicinal industry.. ….

Luckily a group of activists managed to stop the machines that are going to crush the forest.  ….For now.

A statement has now been issued, that they WILL go through with it next week, whether they have to call the cops or not. (And they will)

..Funny that they are in such a hurry to get it done before the lawsuit is finished in EU and the local court..

I am looking into it now, hoping I can find out when they’re taking up work again. With a little luck I can go, and hopefully be of some help. 

[Maybe I should even bring some of those flower stickers I mentioned in an earlier post :P]